IDECON is pleased to announce the achievement of MID certification for checkweighers WP series, therefore the conformity with the European directive 2004/22/CE for all the metrical/legal instruments. It regulates the production, the commercialization and the installation. On the occasion of Ipack-Ima, IDECON is going also to present a new electronics for checkweighers.

IDECON is always directed toward the total quality aim and adds the MID certification (Measuring Instruments Directive) to the Italian certification about weigh instruments with automatic functioning and the company certification ISO 9001. This European directive had been acknowledged from Italy by the d.l. 22 of 2nd February 2007 and It came into effect on the 18th of March 2007.

Getting this certification means produce, trade and install machines in all the European Community respecting all the requirements and guaranteeing a better accuracy and high performances.

The recognition of a machine marked MID is possible by the letter “M” after CE mark and It is followed by the number of the notified body.