Checkweigher WP – D/S series

    Project Description

    The checkweigher series WP-D/S, with sturdy frame, is ideal for weighing heavy and bulky packed products. It can be equipped with feeding belts for spacing of the product and with different types of rejection devices.

    The WP-S series checkweigher works in “Start & Stop” mode, which allows weighing and rejection in small spaces.

    IDECON checkweighers can be designed in different configurations according to:

    • the size and type of the product 
    • the speed of the production line
    • the available spaces 
    • the type of selections to be made on the products to be weighed.

    IDECON is able to design and produce conveying, feeding and sorting systems in order to place, time and divide the product in the best way to be weighed, labelled, rejected, reused.

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      • Construction of standard stainless steel conveyors for extreme cleaning and ease of maintenance.
      • Possibility of mounting fully washable plastic conveyors, and modular chain.
      • The software of IDECON checkweighers is particularly intuitive and easy to use.
      • Innovation, continuous development and software integration to meet the customized needs of each customer.
      • Customization of the machines for every single need.
      • The production data of each checkweigher can be easily exported via USB or Ethernet.
      Checkweigher WP D/S series


      Characteristics of Checkweigher WP-D/S series


      Options of Checkweigher WP-D/S serie