Checkweigher WPM series

Project Description

The WPM series is a checkweigher combining weight control with detection of contaminant metals. Thanks to a careful design and a detailed study of the machine, the WPM series represents an excellent solution in terms of volume and cost reduction.
The software has also been conceived to make the operator’s work easier by integrating the checkweigher’s interface with metal detector remote control. This reduces the recipe change time and allows getting a single production report.
As with the WP series, the WPM series also offers a number of variations and customizations aimed at increasing customers’ satisfaction, cost saving and reduction of volumes.

IDECON checkweighers can be designed in different configurations according to:

  • the size and type of the product 
  • the speed of the production line
  • the available spaces 
  • the type of selections to be made on the products to be weighed.

IDECON is able to design and produce conveying, feeding and sorting systems in order to place, time and divide the product in the best way to be weighed, labelled, rejected, reused.


  • Construction of standard stainless steel conveyors for extreme cleaning and ease of maintenance.
  • Possibility of mounting fully washable plastic conveyors, and modular chain.
  • The software of IDECON checkweighers is particularly intuitive and easy to use.
  • Innovation, continuous development and software integration to meet the customized needs of each customer.
  • Customization of the machines for every single need.
  • The production data of each checkweigher can be easily exported via USB or Ethernet.
Checkweigher WPM series


Characteristics of Checkweigher WPM series


Options of Checkweighers WPM series