What are Checkweighers used for?

What are Checkweighers used for

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What are Checkweighers used for?

Checkweighers check the weight of the products during the normal production process, verifying that it respects certain limits. Using this type of machinery means achieving a high level of production quality, avoiding the risk of disputes while preserving the company’s reputation. Checkweighers can be used in various fields of application: mainly in the food and beverage field, no less important, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and pet-food field.

Let us try to explain “What are Checkweighers used for?


Identify underweight product ensuring compliance with current regulations

If a product placed on the market weighs less than that required by current regulations, the manufacturing company risks incurring high fines and the reputation of its brand is irreparably affected. Thanks to the use of Checkweighers, these risks are avoided as underweight products are rejected and the conformity of the whole batch is guaranteed.


 Saving raw material

Some companies, in order not to risk having an underweight production, decide to waste raw material by packing overweight products. This is not the ideal solution because it would mean higher costs and waste for the company. The use of the checkweigher with the feed-back function allows you to adjust the dosing machine / multi-head upstream, standardizing production with considerable savings in raw materials.


Getting production report

The checkweigher memorizes the production data which are indispensable for monitoring and analyzing productivity and allow a timely intervention. All data can be easily exported.


Eliminating human error

When an operation is done manually, human error is inevitable. With the use of the checkweigher, weight control becomes automatic, unnecessary slowdowns are avoided and the production process is efficient.


Customer satisfaction

The customer is satisfied if his products are of quality and if the company is seen as reliable. The Checkweigher helps to achieve these objectives as it detects the presence of a missing piece from the package and therefore ensures that the product that arrives on the shelves is always a complete finished product. This type of machinery verifies not only that the product dosage is correct, but also checks that there are no missing pieces inside a package.


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