Metal Detector

Project Description

Fulfilling requirements about contaminant metal detection, Idecon offers last-generation metal detectors assuring the utmost accuracy with any product size, in any surrounding environment and application field.

Experience and the use of state-of-the-art components allow IDECON systems to satisfy the strictest and most stringent standards on cleaning, hygiene and food safety.

Idecon builds full customized systems featuring top level performances and conveyor and waste systems specially conceived for their full integration in new or already existing production lines.

Conveyor belt systems

The systems created and manufactured by Idecon adapt to the characteristics of the naked and packaged products. They are able to detect metals, magnetic and non-magnetic, which can contaminate industrial products.
The maximum width of the conveyor belt can exceed 2 meters always guaranteed maximum control sensitivity.

The Idecon Metal Detectors can be made in different configurations depending on:

  • the size and type of product
  • of the cadences of the line
  • of the spaces available
  • the type of selection to be made on the products to be rejected

Idecon, thanks to the many years of experience in the sector, is able both to create new systems and to insert detector heads on existing lines, taking care of those indispensable and necessary factors to make the most of the instrument’s potential over time.